Our definition of Security, is a multi layered series of systems that protects your facility inside and out. The lock and key is the minimum layer required to protect your property and employees.

Camera systems provide both a deterrent to crime and evidence collection if the act does occur. The visibility of a dome camera at a building entrance will often prevent a break in at that location. If all the perimeter doors are covered by video, the locks may never get tested.

Alarm systems provide a way to notify outside authorities that someone has opened a door, or moved within a monitored space without having the valid code to turn off the system. Alarm systems can also be used for medical panic buttons, hold-up, temperature and humidity monitoring.

Security Lock Service and Security Building Controls use Honeywell Vista series alarm panels. We are commercial wiring experts. Our techs install alarm security devices on every type of door, window, safe, freezer, roll-up door and monitored space in all types of conditions.

There is no charge for a security estimate at your facility. Let us meet with you and give you our ideas on improving your level of security. Sometimes an honest assessment of what you have and what you may need, will point you in the right direction to meet your security goals.