Health Care

Securing a door in a day care, hospital, retirement community, or other medical service facility is a unique situation unlike any other installation. Each install must be looked at not only from the specific security requirements, but from the codes for fire, life safety, HIPAA, and ADA.

When securing newborns or protecting wandering elderly patients, exit doors are often secured with delayed egress systems. These systems allow the door to open after an alarmed delay period. The delayed doors may be tied into a standard card reader or keypad system to allow employees entrance and exit without delay. Some doors must also be connected to the fire system for immediate unlock when an alarm occurs.

Doors are not the only hardware effected by some of these codes. Medical records, hospital supplies, and drugs must be secured in accordance with the regulations that cover each type of these controlled materials. Often employees need to secure these items in supplied cabinets or closets that are less than secure. We have the solutions to protect what is valuable. From electronic to mechanical, security devices are what we install.

Security Lock Service Corp. and Security Building Controls has the unique perspective of having technicians that specialize in mechanical and techs that specialize in electrical, working together as one. Our experience in both phases of a security installation make us a good choice when you need to incorporate different elements of a security installation together.