Indoors or out. Large or small. Security Lock Service and Security Building Controls has the experience to design and install facility recording systems from 1 to thousands of cameras!

We offer DVR recorders from Honeywell, Pelco, and Speco. The DVR’s range in size from 4 to 16 cameras. The hard drives now start at a minimum of 250GB and go up to 2 Terabytes and larger. Those drives give you recording times of a month up to a year or more on the larger drives.

Our camera selection includes Everfocus, GE, Pelco, Sony, and Axis Communications. We use Altronix power supplies.

Our camera installations are custom installed for each customer. We’ve installed cameras in a wide variety of situations. From Covert cameras hidden in a water fountain and a freezer, to Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras mounted almost 60 feet off the ground on top of a building, we’ve installed cameras in some unusual places. With over 2000 cameras installed in the past 2 years, we have the experience to give you the view you’re looking for.