Access Control

When it becomes necessary to secure your facility to the general public, but still allow access to your employees or tenants, a card access system is a low cost investment in security. Access control is more than just the ability to show a card to a card reader and gain access to a facility. Even the basic systems today give you many options to control who comes in and when. Individual cards can be restricted to specific doors, times, even one time use cards. The system can lock and unlock your doors on a timed schedule. It can provide a signal to an alarm system to by-pass security when a valid card is read. You can also print a number of reports based upon times, cards, doors, schedules, and many more.

Not all card access systems are PC based. Stand alone card reader systems exist today. They have they ability to program the cards at the unit with no PC interface. If the area to be protected is of lower security, codes may be used instead of cards. A code can be passed on intentionally or unintentionally via of observation. A card must be physically present to open the door.

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